PDM Training Solutions Ltd (PDM) has been trading in its current structure and from its Head Office in Andover, Hampshire since April 2015 but we have a track record of delivering high quality training services in both the public and private sectors going back two decades.  Our workforce of permanently employed training specialists deliver services throughout the UK and internationally.

Our vision at PDM is to be a market leader in the provision of training services and consultancy. Growth will continue to be managed by an emphasis on the quality of delivery, management of customer relations and the continuing development of our own staff, with customer service as a major component of our strategy.

We will always provide an experienced and proven team focussed solely on the requirements of the contract that will produce a full training solution whilst ensuring that the client’s operational capability is retained. We place great emphasis on establishing a bond of mutual trust between the company and our clients.

We possess an intimate knowledge of the market in which we operate and have an excellent track record for delivering cost-effective, practical training solutions that are rigorously developed and for harnessing learning technologies so that training is up to date and has a modern look and feel to it.

Finally, we regard Quality as the key to our success. We have a comprehensive system of tried and tested processes and continue to be accredited with the Quality standard ISO 9001 and the Environmental standard ISO 14001. We place great importance on the development of our trainers so that their skills are always up to date. Our training delivery standards are well defined and subject to continuous assessment with the aim of doing everything possible to make the training experience for trainees as good as it can be.

Benefits of Using PDM

  • We apply rigorous analysis and design processes, which ensure that cost benefit analysis of the training options is much more accurate. Over or under training is avoided, increasing efficiency and reducing cost. Auditable decision-making process provides stakeholders with greater confidence in the training solution, which enhances “buy-in”. The process of analysing group and individual tasks reduces the likelihood of critical tasks being omitted, which might result in lost productivity.
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to be a single-source provider of the complete range of training activities: Analysis, Design, Delivery and Evaluation.
  • We have a successful track record of delivering training for a variety of clients that include PMC Construction Ltd, Kieron Beattie Landscaping, Interserve, UK MoD, Oshkosh Defense and Ultra Electronics.
  • All of our trainers are Subject Matter Experts (SME) and always know what they are talking about rather than reading directly from pre-prepared notes. This also means they are able to tackle on the spot issues that a generic trainer may not be able to understand or deal with correctly. All of our trainers have an armed forces background, have security clearance, and are used to working with a broad range of student ability levels. In short, their credibility is unquestionable.
  • We are able to take a strategic view of training requirements to ensure they are consistent and fully integrated with client’s needs and systems. Working with the client from initial scoping through to development of training courses and material (incorporating the latest delivery technologies) provides the client with tailored training exactly where and how they require it.
  • We provide direct access to SMEs in Computer Based Training (CBT), e-learning and simulation, who can provide essential input to the cost benefit analysis regarding the effectiveness of different training methods and media.
  • Finally, we are always on hand to ensure that any solution we recommend works and works well.

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